Milk Bar visit Checklist

Milk Bar Information

TheresPosh ID
: TP
Remember: Be polite and don't 'liberate' NMB memorabilia
Item Information Done
Date and time of visit
Visit party members
Does the Milk Bar Exist? YES / NO
Is the Address correct? YES / NO (correct it please)
Take picture of Milk Bar from a distance
Take picture of Milk Bar from slightly less of a distance
Take picture of Milk Bar from across the street
Take picture of Opposite the Milk Bar
Verify GPS location
Estimated Number of Seats
Is There a no-smoking section? YES / NO
Do they sell Tunnocks Teacakes? YES / NO
Are there Crusha Optics on the wall? YES / NO
What sort of lights were they? Flouro / Incandescent / Both
"Lost Cat" Notice Board? YES / NO
Service Options WAITRESS / DIY / COUNTER (carry out)
High Chair(s) for children? YES / NO
Get a Postcard from the Town
Children's Menu Style
Air Conditioning YES / NO

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