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1 - What is a "National Milk Bar"?
It is a chain of cafes and coffee shops in North Wales and adjoining bits of England.
2 - What is your Objective?
To visit each and every National Milk Bar; discover something out about them and publish the information on the Internet.
3 - Are you affiliated with National Milk Bars?
No. Currently they are unaware of this web site (to my knowledge). I hope they'd approve.
4 - What is The Joke?
It's not really that funny.
5 - Is the joke about a "National Milk Bar"?
No - it is set in one.
6 - Why do you keep editing posts? It is screwing up my RSS feed.
I edit posts to add links and correct spelling, grammar, that sort of thing. Sometimes I add a relevant anecdote I'd forgotten. Sorry about RSS.
7 - Why?
Because the Internet was NMB free. That is wrong.
8 - What other "National Milk Bar" resources are ther on the Internet?
None. (c.f. question 7)
9 - Why have you registered
To help people find the site. I will happily transfer it to NMB, at cost, if they desire.
10 - What is the Welsh for "National Milk Bar"?
john says: '"National Milk Bar" in Welsh is "Bar Llaeth Genedlaethol", not that anyone would use it.'
11 - Why don't you rate each NMB visited?
Because I am not Egon Ronay. They are all fantastic. Their true value transcends anything that can be gleaned from a half hour visit.
12 - What do you look for when you visit an NMB?
I have a Checklist
13 - How are you locating NMBs?
We started off with a quick search in Various NMBs have maps and memorabilia with other NMB locations indicated. A summary of this information is presented here

Updates and corrections to please.

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