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Posted on Wednesday, June 16th, 2004 at 1:34 am. About InSearchOfMilk.

Trip Report - Newtown

Pictures are here

Well - it was almost on the way home. I had an address ‘1 Short Bridge St. Newtown’ I wanted to see what was there now. We went.

We entered Newtown, impressed by its size. Proving that an old dog can learn new tricks, we went to the Tourist Information office to find out where Short Bridge Street was. Through the shopping centre and turn left (if you’re interested).

It was around about this time that one of the party got a ticket that allowed him to use the public conveniences of Newtown - all for the very reasonable sum on 10 new pence. A bargain.

simon picked up a leaflet in the Tourist Info which was a walking guide to the town. Sure enough, there was Short Bridge Street, We noticed that this town also had a stone that John Welsey preached from. Then we noticed that the leaflet was actually about Llanidloes and not Newtown. 2 towns with a ‘Short Bridge Street’ - what are the odds.

Approaching Short Bridge Street - we spotted a cafe that must have been an NMB. Not only did it look like it, but it also had NMB relics. This was just unbelievable. Now we need to find ex-NMBs just in case they still have NMB relics.

We had teas, but it wasn’t the same. just not ‘National’ enough I guess.

simon went to ensure that it really was Short Bridge Street. It was.

Campwards - via Dolgellau :-)

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