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Posted on Wednesday, June 16th, 2004 at 2:09 am. About NowtToDoWiMilk.

The rest of the trip - part I

Fuelled by two NMBs and two confirmed ex-NMBs, we walked once more, to Barmouth.

The walk is really pleasant. It’s an old railway track - so no hills. There’s also a viaduct. It’s about 1/2 a mile long in total And the bridge has a toll. 60p per person - each way. We never paid, due to the fact that the toll booth was shut every time we passed it. Four trips - that’s a pint each.

We had a shandy or two and then went in search of chips. We passed a shop called “Barmouth’s Original Milk Bar” I need to go back and take pictures and do more “research”. We had chips. They were great. I had a Meat and Potato pie.

We cut a long night short and set off as the sun was setting (about 9:45). It was light enough all the way home that we could eschew our torches in favour of night sight. As we crossed the bridge (for the fourth time in 24 hours) the light on the hills and clouds opposite was just amazing. No - I didn’t take a picture - just imagine it.

We arrived back in camp and started to make a fire. The guys in the tent up the hill from us donated a big glowing log and our fire was roaring in a matter of minutes.

The stars were just amazing. There were no clouds and there was no light pollution. simon saw four ’shooting stars’. Orion was out of sight (probably behind some trees) , but the plough was there, so was Cassiopeia. Now my view is this:

Everybody should be able to spot the plough and Orion. You have to be pretty geeky to know more that 3 constellations. So, Cassiopeia ( a wobbly W) is the clincher. That’s the mark of an interested, but not obsessed, person. ‘Can you identify Cassiopeia?’ Rule of thumb.

Why do all the best Ladybird books have Blue spines? ‘The Night Sky’ does.

We talked. I put stuff (wood) on the fire. We talked. We had a beer or two. Eventually we turned in for the night. It was cold. That’s the problem with clear skies. Cold nights.

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