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Posted on Thursday, July 22nd, 2004 at 11:09 pm. About InSearchOfMilk.

Trip Report - Ellesmere Port

Pictures are Here

So, here we are, on the brink of the final push. There is a slight problem in that the last few to visit are the furthest away and are not open on Sunday. (esp Ellesmere Port and Bangor - the end-points). To fix this, the plan was to stay at a hotel/pub near Ellesmere Port on Friday night and then make a dash, West to East, covering the last five NMBs.

Which saw the big cheese and simon booked into the ‘Gateway to Wales’ hotel on Friday night. A quiet jar in the bar and then off for a stroll around the local area. Which appears to be called ‘Sealand’ or ‘Garden City’, depending on how you feel, I guess. We walked down a long road to a pub (the “Queen’s Ferry”) which was nice enough for an estate pub, very lively. There appeared to be a birthday party happening. It was clearly a locals pub, but we were made to feel very welcome. We had a little look at the magnificent blue bridge (apparently known locally as “the Blue Bridge”) and then wandered back to the hotel via a fantastic chippy and a pub that was having a charity auction.

Bright and early on Saturday, we set off (in the pouring rain) Northwards for the short hop to Ellesmere Port. Arriving in town, we spotted what looked like an NMB building just on the main road. It was now called ‘Roots and Boots’ but was clearly a cafe/coffee shop in the NMB style. Without employing too much thought (we hadn’t had breakfast at the hotel) we decided to have a bacon butty there.

Once inside, simon noticed that the address wasn’t the same as the address we had for the NMB, so we guesed we had the wrong place. Never mind, it was nice enough.

After finishing our repast, we then went in search of the real NMB and found it inside the shopping centre. This was the first ‘Coffee Shop’ and we noticed the following differences:

  • No NMB Menu
  • No Waitress service
  • Bakery in shop

Then we had a problem. Trying to get a postcard of Ellesmere Port. Newsagents, post offices, library - none of them could oblige. Finally, I bought a postcard of Chester from the Newsagents next to Roots N Boots.

Off to Rhyl.

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