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Posted on Friday, July 23rd, 2004 at 1:52 am. About NowtToDoWiMilk.

Going Home - Almost

We set off back home, but decided that

  1. It was quite a long way
  2. Wales was nice
  3. We weren’t really that busy

So we stopped at a B and B. The first vacancy we found was in Llangollen. Luckily it was the weekend after the Eisteddfod and so there were places to stay.

We had a very nice curry in a Bangladesh restaraunt called ‘Red Rose’ and then went along to see the live music at the Sun Inn. Th pub had a jukebox requests book. The only argument in it was about the GLC (Goldie Lookin’ Chain). Which was quite mature and restrained if you ask me. The band were good. My favourite number was the one they were playing as we arrived. We met some characters. Safe.

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