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Trip Report - Welshpool - revisited  

Posted on June 16th, 2004. About General.

Pictures are here

Welshpool coincided with lunchtime. The NMB was open. (So was Safeways - I bought some insect bite cream)

I had the Welsh Rarebit I was denied in Machynlleth. simon had the special (Lamb and Leek pie). darkmuse had a mixed grill. We all had tea.

I asked for beans with my Rarebit. They came with Toast - There’s Posh. I was asked if I wanted the beans on the Rarebit or on the Side. I asked what the locals did. There was no consensus. I had them on the side - so as not to spoil the purity of the rarebit. Oh, and chips too. I’m christening this the “There’s Posh”: Welsh Rarebit, Beans (on the side - with toast) and Chips. You have been informed.

The Mixed Grill and the Special were, by all accounts, truly excellent. The “There’s Posh” was, by personal experience, fantastic.

We noted the names of the Cows (or Bulls - I’m no expert) in the pictures.

“Montgomery Liberty 10″
“Montgomery Mary 38″
“Montgomery Rosalind 95″
“Montgomery Mary 50″
“Pickland Threat Belle”

Pickland is by the bogs.

We had a discussion about the Children’s menu. It isn’t as regimented as the main menu (which has been the same in all NMB’s visited so far). But Llanidloes and Welshpool have the same one. Machynlleth seems to need to ration the sausages. This may be a detail too far.

I took a picture of Poppy’s (opposite the NMB) and we headed for dessert in Shrewsbury.

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