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Trip Report - Shrewsbury  

Posted on June 6th, 2004. About InSearchOfMilk.

Pictures are here

Well, early start, picked up carys and drove to Shrewsbury. (It is closer than Welshpool) . Breakfast beckoned. I had a Bacon, Sausage and Egg bap with a nice cup of tea, carys opted for the bruch with coffee option.

It was everything I remembered (with some slight exceptions which I’ll come to later.) Waitress service was excellent and lovely hot, filling food was provided. The Egg went everywhere, but I think that was my fault.

Well, we were presented with napkins that contained a picture of North Wales and the addresses of the various National Milk Bars (I need to update my list and map with the one in Denbigh).

We also noticed that the National Milk Bars corporation (NMBCorp) appears to have at least two divisions: “Restaurants” and “Coffee Shops”. We need to find out more.

The Map is a bit of an Enigma. “Caernarvon” is marked as a location on the Map, but not listed in the lists. More things to discover.

Some pictures.


The changes:

1) No ‘lost cat’ noticeboards. Could be a figment of my imagination.
2) No Crusha syrup in optics on the wall (This picture was taken in a non NMB shop). This is, in my opinion, a shame.

Now - off to the Corporate nerve centre in Welshpool.

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